We'll journey together
We’ll journey together

Welcome to LinkedUp Training C.I.C

Our primary aim is to broaden horizons, for residents, commercial and voluntary organisations in the Solent area.

Our Vision is to ensure that Solent businesses have staff with the required skills and to be sure that everyone who wants business skills or to understand what employers need to a productive and happy workforce, can access that learning easily.  Whether it is to build confidence or motivation for individuals to progress their career or as a route to employment, we want to help.

Our wider aim is to provide practical business support skills and some vocational training to equip individuals and businesses for growth.  Our main area of expertise is Personal Development Training – educating people in the areas of communication and interpersonal skills, but we also offer sales and marketing, finance for non-accountants, one to one mentoring, coaching and tutoring in some subjects – and much more!

We are a social enterprise, offering lower cost training to those individuals that miss out on educational achievement at school, who didn’t achieve qualifications or skills – we decided to offer another way for people to keep up and be able to access better outcomes in life by offering small personal workshops to improve employment outcomes.

LinkedUp Training C.I.C provides the opportunities, at the right time for each individual, filling the training gaps where other forms of training or education may no longer be sustainable or a viable option due to life circumstances having “gotten in the way”. Quite often, training just bridges the gap between educational attainment and employment, setting individuals on the right path.

The organisation specialises in business skills and as such, will also focus on raising the bar in IT skills as well.  We will train people on what employers want and even offer work experience at the end of training if desired, before taking that leap to work and job applications, CV’s and Interviews.

Our aims are to:

  1. Provide opportunities for local businesses to up-skill their staff by sending them on a training course with us at low cost (or inviting us on-site to deliver bespoke training to existing teams).
  2. To help newly trained/skills refreshed people find employment, through employer and recruitment partnerships – opening doors for socially responsible employers needing that bit of extra training as a route to work.
  3. Provide Training in soft “people” skills, business and employability skills. As LinkedUp Training is a Social Enterprise, some of these courses will be funded. Trainees/mentored individuals can be of any age and at any stage in skills achievement or education – from basic literacy and numeracy to MBA level!
  4. Provide Work Experience for students in marketing, sales, business administration and recruitment (by working in the organisation for a fixed amount of time and sessions). Enhancing communication in particular – at any age.
  5. The sky's the limit
    The sky’s the limit